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Tutorial for Cutting and Joining Parts

We will briefly demonstrate how to cut and join parts in Ultimate Papercraft 3D.


The quickest way to cut faces, is to first select the faces you wish to cut, and then click the Detach Faces button on the leftside toolbar or click 2D Tools | Detach Faces. After cutting, the program will automatically switch to part selection mode so you can move the parts you just cut:

tut_upc_cutjoin1.png tut_upc_cutjoin2.png tut_upc_cutjoin3.png

Another way to cut faces, is to first enable the Click and Join tool on the main toolbar. This tool has a dual purpose of both cutting and joining parts. However, unlike the first method, it will only cut one edge at a time. So, depending on the situation, it may not be the quickest method for cutting faces:



To join faces, first enable the Click and Join tool on the main toolbar. The cursor should turn into a crosshair:


Now, if you move the cursor over any open edge, an arrow should be drawn between the two edges to join. Click the left mouse button on the edge to join the part. If the edge is colored red instead of green, it means that particular edge can't be joined. When you're done joining faces, click on the Click and Join tool again to toggle it off:

tut_upc_cutjoin5.png tut_upc_cutjoin6.png

That's it! If you have any suggestions about cutting and joining parts, please let us know.

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